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“Truly exemplifies what custom building should be all about”

“(Your company) accommodating our special needs, from the oversized exhaust system for our restaurant quality gas range to the bank of recessed lights showcasing our favorite original oil painting, truly exemplifies what custom building should be all about.”

Speaking of special needs, we would especially like to thank you for tailoring our home design to fit on our less than ideal homesite. Between wetland issues, flood plain considerations, and a small buildable area, we were afraid we were not even going to be able to use the land we had set aside for our dream home. Two other local builders had looked at it with us and walked away, saying that building was impossible. And then we were fortunate enough to find you. Being in the medical field, we both have hectic schedules and find it almost impossible to meet during normal business hours. While other builders refused to meet with us on our schedule, you met with us after hours and on weekends without a single complaint. Your willingness to work with us combined with your decades of design and building experience made the impossible seem effortless as our dream home became a reality.
          -  Ed & Nancy Grout

Homes that weather the storm

"The hurricanes and tropical storms were devastating to many people in almost all parts of Florida. We had sustained winds of 75 miles per hour at our home south of Jacksonville. We lost trees, massive tree limbs, and had power outages for 10 days total. Our beautiful home was another story. There was not one ounce of damage and there was not one moment that we did not feel completely safe and secure. There is nowhere I would rather be than in a home built by Cogdill Builders in a hurricane in Florida. We just wanted to send a letter thanking everyone at Cogdill for their part in making safe, secure, and the most beautiful homes around."

          -  Frank & Renee Perrotta

“I feel nothing but good things about Cogdill”

“Obviously we made the right decision with the builder. I’ve built before and this was a walk in the park.  I feel nothing but good things about Cogdill. He never ran away from responsibility. After we had moved in, I’d see J.J. working elsewhere in the development, and I’d mention something we needed. He was here the next day taking care of it.”

- Thomas Beacham

“The workmanship was very good”

““I’d recommend them to others. We felt like the workmanship was very good. They’ve been very good on follow up. J.J. helped me develop the punch list. We’re very pleased.””

- James Yarbrough

“A reputation for being…the best builders around”

“We chose Cogdill because they had a reputation for being one of the best builders around. We actually met with John Cogdill several times at the house; I’m not sure how many times the actual builder is out there on site, but John was there often.”

- Susan Gogolin

“I’ve already recommended them to others”

“We looked at a lot of builders in the area. We’ve watched Cogdill build other homes from the ground up. We were pleased with their construction methods and that’s what convinced us to use them and move into The Glades. I’ve already recommended them to others.”

- Russ Tholen

“I liked that he’s a local builder”

“I liked that he’s a local builder, and that I could easily get in contact with him during the process. He’s not like other builders where you only see them at the closing.”

- Jim Taylor

“We really got what we wanted”

“I guess what sold us was the flexibility Cogdill Builders provided, not to mention the time John Cogdill spent with us. He made changes other builders either weren’t willing to make our planned to charge us an arm and a leg for. He increased the kitchen size, moved doors around, increased the size of our bar area and added a half bath. Bottom line, I felt like we really got what we wanted.”

- Kurt Day

“I couldn’t find a better rated builder than Cogdill”

“I have been in the building products industry myself for more than 15 years, so I am very familiar with other builders in the area. I just couldn’t find a better rated builder than Cogdill.”

- Liz Williams

“Always willing to meet and discuss our needs”

“We checked out a lot of builders in Clay County, but John had the most impressive reputation. That image was well earned. We appreciated his flexibility while building our home…everything we wanted altered, he changed and did it with a great attitude. Other builders hemmed and hawed about redrawing plans, we didn’t have that problem with Cogdill. He was always willing to meet and discuss our needs.”

- Paul Altman

“They cared about us and about building our house right”

“Thanks for everything! First thank you to John, Wanda, and all of the rest of the team at Cogdill Builders. My wife and I are both retired Navy and have moved most of our lives. We have decided to retire in Northeast Florida and wanted our last house to be just that, our last house and the best we could afford. When we started looking for a builder, a lot of what we saw were contractors trying to put up a house fast and move on to the next. Quality was a compromise. We had talked with many people and searched online trying to find the right person to trust with our future home. Luckily, we started hearing about a company called Cogdill Builders. And thanks to our friends at Cogdill Builders we had a great time building our house. From the start, they cared about us and cared about building our house right. No matter what the time, they were around to answer our questions and keep us informed of the progress. When we asked to have utilities hooked up early in the building process so we could move our RV onto our land, they made it happen. When we asked for changes to the house, they made it happen. And yes, sometimes they told us why we shouldn't or couldn't do certain changes. And most of the time they would know of an alternative we could use. If you are looking for someone to get your house built right, well, lets just say I would go back to them again if I ever have to. Thank you.

P.S. If you want to see the house, Cogdill Builders can get in touch with us. We are very proud of it!! ”

- Russ & Lois Charles

“…always receptive to any change request that we had…”

“We are very happy in the new home Cogdill built for us. The layout works well for our entire family and everyone is enjoying having a new space. I appreciate the fact that you were always receptive to any change request that we had and also that you were very accommodating to our work schedules. Wanda was also very helpful in guiding us through the different stages of the entire process. And, of course, to keep us calm when the unexpected happens. It’s a beautiful home. Please feel free to use us for any future references.”

- Robin L Brown

“Completed work with no interference with our factory’ s 24-hour-a-day operations.”

“The price you provided was detailed and presented in the format we requested, you commenced construction and completed work in accordance with the schedule you provided us, and kept us well informed as to current status. Most important, you completed work with virtually no interference with our factory’s 24 hour-a-day operations.

Additionally, as the existing facility was aged, items which were unforeseen at the time of your proposal were discovered. You informed us of these items, the action you intended to take, and proceeded with corrective action. You did not “nickel & dime” us on these extras. Instead you completed the small items at no or minimal cost and negotiated fairly on the larger ones.”

- Bob Patchett, General Manager,
  Ashley Ward Screw Machine Products


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