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Top 10 Myths and Monsters


Click here to read the full chapter on the Top 10 Myths and Monsters that plague new home buyers.

Highlights of Chapter 1

  • Most new home horror stories you hear are almost ridiculous when looked at logically.
  • The total number of homes your builder sells per year has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the quality of his work.
  • Professional, trained, competent, and dedicated supervisory personnel directly overseeing your home’s construction is the only way to guarantee your home will be well-built.
  • Mortgage companies, bankers, and real estate developers are more concerned with the number of homes a builder constructs than the quality of his work. Because the more homes a builder builds, the more money they make.
  • Modern, climate-controlled homes are better than older homes because they have modern building codes to govern their design and construction.
  • Comparison shopping for homes should NEVER be done by comparing their price per square foot. Instead, take similar homes within 100 square feet of each other in comparable areas of town and compare them by their sales prices and included features.
  • Instead of supervising the job, your primary concern as a homebuyer is picking a builder who knows what he is doing and will place competent supervisory personnel in charge of your home’s construction.
  • If something comes up that you need to ask your builder, pick up the phone and ask him. Listen to the answer he gives you and ask him to elaborate if his answer is not what you expected.
  • Building your home yourself, you will be able to save money if everything is built perfectly. However, keep in mind that in over 30 years and 1,000 homes I have never seen a perfect home (and never heard of one either).
  • Building on your own lot will cost more, not less, than building in a subdivision.
  • Your local building inspectors, Veterans Administration, mortgage company, Realtor®, lawyer, and deed restrictions cannot ensure the quality of your home because they are not overseeing your home’s construction everyday.
  • Research local builders and their qualifications carefully before choosing one to construct your new home. If you do not and end up suing your builder, you will probably not receive any money since others will most likely have received judgements against him before you.

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